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How to Download Voice Messages – Facebook Messenger

As someone who deals with promo a lot I find it hard to be able to get an artist to do drops for djs in a timely fashion. I received a drop from an artist that I had requested for … Continue reading

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ATTN: DJs – Get new music and customized drops from many different Latin Artists

If you are a dj and want to get new music and customized drops from many different Latin artists, please send me an email message with your Dj Name, Email Address and Drop scripts if you have them. It doesn’t … Continue reading

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Performance Rights Organizations – Why every artist and producer needs them and how to join

If you have music that will be performed anywhere (shows, cd’s, radio, tv, movies, etc) you will need to sign up to a PRO (Performance Rights Organization) so that you can be paid royalties for your works.  You can only … Continue reading

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How to make a press kit.

I first posted this blog entry in August of 2005 and it got great response.  I am reposting it here.  This is the updated version thanks to the people who left me comments on my myspace blog with suggestions.   … Continue reading

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Split Sheets

WHAT IS A SPLIT SHEET? A split sheet is used to determine ownership percentages of a song for royalties and publishing splits.  Everyone agrees on a percentage % and fills in their information then everyone signs the split sheet.

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Latin Urban Artists Unite

I will use this as my first post here since this is one of my facebook posts that got everyone telling me to start a blog to help guide artists.  Please subscribe so that you can have access to all … Continue reading

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