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Facebook Messenger

As someone who deals with promo a lot I find it hard to be able to get an artist to do drops for djs in a timely fashion. I received a drop from an artist that I had requested for a dj friend of mine. I was super stumped at how to go about downloading it. Today I found the answer! OMG I was sooooo happy!

1. First you get on your desktop computer.

2. If you don’t already have mozilla firefox installed, please install it. This will NOT work in Chrome.

3. In firefox, sign into your facebook account.

4. Once signed in open a new tab

5. In the new tab copy and paste this

6. Do a search (near the bottom of the page) and find which message you would like to download the voice message from.

7. Once you find it, click on the username

8. The file will now say audioclip. Click on the file it will open a popup window asking you what to do with it.

9. Choose, save file and then click ok!

10. Enjoy!

If this has helped you, please share! :)

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